NSA Mid-South, TN - Nearby Cities

    Millington, TN
    Millington is a small city of 10,000 people and is adjacent to the base in Shelby County. In fact, it is so close to base that the furthest commute is less than 10 miles. Things to do in Millington include the annual Goat Day Festival with country activities such as hay rides, BBQ contest, and rodeo, and the Millington community theatre known as Playhouse 51. Fort Randolph and Fort Wright, two Civil War-era Army forts built on the Hatchie River are located just north of the town.

    Housing prices in Millington are about $135,000 to buy a home and $850 per month to rent. This is lower than Tennessee's state average purchase price of about $139,000.

    Munford, TN
    Munford is located about 11 miles north of NSA Mid-South in Tipton County. It is a small city with 4,700 people. It features a park for picnicking and games with soccer fields, disc golf course, BMX track, nature trail, and playgrounds. There are two main annual events the town celebrates: the Munford Arts and Crafts Fair and a 4th of July event called Celebrate Independence.

    Housing in Munford is slightly higher than that of Millington; the average price to buy a home is $137,000 and monthly rent is about $1,100.

    Atoka, TN
    Atoka is a town in Tipton County with 8,400 residents about 12 miles north of base. Atoka has a Greenway Trail system connecting some of its town parks which include Pioneer Park and Adkison Park, both with asphalt walking paths and picnic areas. Walker Park is also included in the Greenway and features a splashing pool and the county's only sand volleyball courts.

    The average price to buy a home in Atoka is about $180,000. Monthly rent ranges from $800 to $1,200 depending on the size of the home or apartment.

    Lakeland, TN
    Lakeland is a city of 12,400 people in Shelby County. It is 17 miles southeast of NSA Mid-South, or about a 25 minute commute. Things to do in Lakeland include visiting the Paintball Park, International Harvester Park, or the Stonebridge Golf Course.

    Housing prices in Lakeland are slightly higher than the Tennessee average. Homes for sale average $242,000, while rent in the area is about $1500 per month. The state average is about $139,000 for to purchase a home.

    Bartlett, TN
    Bartlett is located 13 miles south of the base, about a 20 minute commute. It is a good-sized city of 54,600 residents and lies within Shelby County. Attractions in Bartlett include the Performing Arts and Conference Center, the Bartlett Recreation Center, historic home known as the Davies Manor Plantation, and the Nicholas Gotten House which also includes the Bartlett Museum.

    The average price of a home for sale in Bartlett is about $170,000. Renting an apartment or home usually costs about $1,350 per month.

    Covington, TN
    The city of Covington is 24 miles north of NSA Mid-South, or approximately a 30 minute commute. There are 9,000 residents here, making it the largest city in Tipton County. Attractions are the Tipton County Museum and Veterans Memorial, Frazier Park with playgrounds and athletic courts, and Patriot Park featuring an A-4 Skyhawk bomber craft.

    Housing in Covington is less expensive than many towns in the area. A home for sale, on average, sells for $105,000. Rent is about $1,000 per month.

    Arlington, TN
    Arlington is a city of 11,500 people located 17 miles east of base. This is about a 20 minute commute in light traffic.

    Housing prices in Arlington are about $200,000-225,000 to purchase a home and, on average, about $1,575 to rent a home or apartment. This is more expensive than the Tennessee state average of $139,000.

    Attractions in Arlington are the Rachel H. K. Burrow Museum, a historic home that also served as a town bank and library; a historic post office built in 1900; the Arlington Sports Complex; and several community parks such as the Dixon Robinson Neighborhood Park, the Playground of Dreams, and Douglass Street Community Park.

    Memphis, TN
    Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee with a population of over 653,000. It is also the state's second largest metro, behind Nashville. Memphis is 18 miles south of NSA Mid-South, about a 25-30 minute commute. It is located in the southwestern part of the state along the Mississippi River.

    Housing prices here are less expensive than in the rest of Shelby County. To purchase a home, buyers on average should expect to spend about $100,000. For rent, a monthly price of $900 is average.

    Memphis is a large city and has a lot to do and see. It is well known for Beale Street, a street downtown that was once, and still is, devoted to blues and rock n' roll music. This is also the site of beloved entertainer Elvis Presley's former home, Graceland. Memphis offers many enormous, green parks and a River Walk interpretation of the Mississippi River.